Corey Watts

a personal website, portfolio, and resume

My name is Corey Watts and I’m a Software Engineer with Alexa Internet located in lovely San Francisco, California. I have a passion for computers and crafting high quality software. I graduated from Westmont College with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2011 and I’ve worked as a software engineer ever since.

Vim and GNU/Linux are my goto tools. I mostly work in NodeJS, PHP, and SQL, but I have experience and skills in many other languages and tools.

My professors at Westmont ingrained in me a passion for elegant solutions, so in every piece of code I write I try to make it as simple and effective as possible. I truly believe that it’s the little details that make or break a project. As far as possible, I strive to get every part right.

In addition to being a software engineer I have significant experience in the system administration world. I worked as a Linux System Administrator for a year and a half in college and I enjoy occasionally setting up or working on servers.

In my free time I enjoy learning about and wearing watches, appreciating Scotch Whiskies, lifting weights, and traveling. You can read more about these things at my blog.